Digital transformation & smart business approach

Internet disrupts the rules of your business

The Internet has profoundly changed your consumer behaviours and expectations. They have now access to an infinite source of information to prepare their purchase as well as a choice of multiple touchpoints where to make purchases and interact with your products.
At the same time, new constraints raise from your competitive environment: the presence of major digital players creates a transfer of value capture towards these players due to their financial and technological power.
When the rules of business are so deeply rewritten, the transformation of your company is becoming a question of life or death. You need to lead your company’s transformation towards a smart business.

What is a Smart Business ?

Smart business occurs when your business decisions including real-time operational decisions are based on “intelligence” relying on live data feedbacks coming from : 
  • Business activities among your ecosystem.
  • Interactions along your distribution channels (wholesalers, distributors, retailers, e-shops, marketplaces, etc.
  • Customers’ and consumers’ interactions with your products and services.


Engaging a smart business approach delivers multiple benefits and competitive gains :

  • High value & innovative customer experience.
  • Increase in brand conversion.
  • Boost in Sales & Marketing effectiveness and Efficiency.

The enablers of a Smart Business

To enable a “smart business” within your organisation, you need to go through key transformation milestones :
  • ‘Data-ification’ of your business activities to speed up your digital transformation
  • Burst silos among your businesses and departments to create a data-driven network
  • Create a virtuous circle between data generated by your ecosystem and the interactions with this ecosystem 

Lizeo, your global Smart Business enabler

What we do

Our capability to collect huge amounts of data, coupled with our extensive processing capabilities and industry expertise enable us to support you in the collection, cleansing, unification, modeling, and management of data available within your organisation and your ecosystem. We can then advise and assist you from the strategic use to the modelisation of these data through data science.  

  • Data Collection & Management
  • Data Unification & Preparation
  • Data Science

What we deliver

Our capability to process and prepare data that meet your business and market specifications enable us to provide you with solutions to understand the dynamics of your market and adjust your strategy in real-time. For your customers we deliver a set of proven digital tools to enhance your customers’ journeys and maximise your conversation rate.  

  • Market Intelligence & Knowledge
  • Business & Consumers Digital Solutions
  • Strategic Directions

What's in it for you

Harness Big Data Opportunities

Maximise the value of data available within your ecosystem 

  • COMPILE, enrich and analyse any data flow 
  • MODEL buying behaviours, customer profiles, product life cycles 
  • CONDUCT predictive analyses to anticipate the strategies to be implemented

Boost sales & marketing effectiveness and efficiency 

Gain optimum insight into your market and maximise your performance

  • HARNESS the vast amount of data available to gain a better understanding of your market and your customers
  • DETECT new trends and anticipate changes to your ecosystem
  • AUTOMATE your marketing process and directly measure the impact of your actions

Deliver a high value & innovative customer experience

Personalise your customer relations and ensure conversion to your brand by pulling the right digital levers

  • MULTIPLY your points of contact with consumers throughout the purchasing process
  • PROVIDE the most relevant services and recommendations at each step, based on their profiles and needs
  • CREATE a more engaging, personalised and profitable relationship with customers